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GZG hanging small plate feeder


GZG series hanging small plate feeder is widely used in crushing and sieving combined equipment in metallurgy, coal mine, ore dressing, artificial gravel, construction waste recycling, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries. The hanging installation is used to uniformly or quantitatively feed the bulk, granular and powder materials from the storage bin or hopper to the receiving device.

The feeder is mainly composed of two ZG type inertial vibrators, shock absorbers, feed troughs, etc. Because the two inertial vibrators are symmetrically installed on the feed trough body, the feed trough body acts in the direction of the resultant Simple harmonic motion. The feeding process of the feeder is realized by reciprocating linear vibration of the feed tank along the inclined direction. That is, when the component of the vibration acceleration of the tank in the direction of the bottom of the vertical groove is greater than the component of the acceleration of gravity in the low direction of the vertical groove, the material in the tank is thrown up and jumps forward according to the parabolic trajectory. The material will be thrown away once. In this way, the material continuously jumps forward at the vibration frequency of the tank to achieve the purpose of feeding.

GZG hanging small plate feeder

Features and advantages

1. Strong adaptability to various ores, especially viscous ores, and can work in dusty or watery environments
2. A closed structure body can be used to prevent dust pollution
3. The machine uses ZG type inertial vibrator as excitation source, no rotating parts, and few wearing parts
During installation, the tank body should be installed at an appropriate angle (generally inclined downward 10 to 15 degrees), which can greatly increase the amount of feed.

Product parameters

Model Hopper size (mm×mm) Max. feed size
Capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw) Weight
GZD2575 2500x750 300 50-80 1.5x2 1.3 2580x1430x600
GZD3070 3000x700 350 60-90 3x2 2.7 3260x1200x850
GZD3090 3000x900 450 80-140 3x2 3 3260x1400x850
GZG8012 1200x800 200 80-160 1.1x2 0.5 1580x1430x600
GZG1014 1400x1000 300 160-300 1.5x2 0.9 1800x1100x990
GZG1218 1800x1200 350 300-500 2.2x2 1.5 2400x1600x1100
GZG1420 2000x1400 400 400-700 3.7x2 2.1 2700x1800x1250

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